Niles Graber Miller grew up in Goshen, Indiana, and several developing countries.  His experience living abroad inspires him to find creative ways to explore the world through business.  Before launching Menno Tea with Hans, Niles ran a mobile advertising business converting vintage vehicles to electric cars and selling ad space on their surfaces.  With his first sip of Hans’ family recipe for meadow tea, he knew he’d found his next venture.

Niles Graber Alvarez
Co-founder and Co-CEO

Hans Weaver grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  His interest in the beverage industry dates back to high school, when he founded Cup ‘o Job, Lancaster Mennonite High School’s campus coffee shop.  During his first year of college, Hans launched a soda business from his dorm room.  After meeting Niles the next year, he gave up soda for tea, and he hasn’t looked back.

Hans Weaver
Co-founder and Co-CEO

Hannah Gerig Meyer is the graphic designer behind our business cards, posters, and boxes, and she collaborated with Ann to develop our new logo and labels.  Hannah is Goshen College's graphic designer.  Her avocations include tandem biking, cooking, and list making.  

Hannah Gerig Meyer
Graphic Designer


Ann Graber Miller is Menno Tea’s graphic design consultant and the artist behind our handpainted 1970 VW bus.  Ann works as an interior design consultant, and she and her husband, Keith, own Found, an international art and antiques gallery in Goshen, Indiana.

Rachel Sommer writes and edits a variety of Menno Tea materials, including this website.  She has worked as a hospital and retirement community chaplain, and she loves yoga and fiction.  Rachel usually prefers coffee, but Menno Tea won her over.

Lynn Sommer painted the Pennsylvania German folk art featured on Menno Tea labels.  Her homemade meadow tea, brewed with mint from the family garden, provided the inspiration for the original Menno Tea recipe.  Lynn is a school counselor and folk artist.

Rachel Sommer
Writing and Public Relations

Lynn Sommer
Fraktur Artist